Råvarorna, viktigaste elementen

Jag följer dagligen en mycket inspirerande blogg, och ville idag citera Seth Godin’s dagen pärla. För ofta försöker man hitta genvägar och inte fokusera på vad är viktigaste i vårt jobb. Trevlig läsning!

Tires, coffee and people

The most important part of a race car is the tires. Good tires will always beat bad ones.

The most important part of a cup of coffee is the beans. The grinder, the machine, the barista pale in comparison to the quality of what you start with.

And the most important parts of an organization are the people you begin with. Not the systems or the policies or even the real estate. Great people make everything easier.

And yet…

And yet we spend money on 4 wheel drive instead of snow tires.

And yet we upgrade our coffee maker instead of buying from a local roaster (or roasting our own).

And mostly, we run classified ads to find the cheapest common denominator employee and spend all our time building systems to protect our customers from people who don’t care…”

Från Seth Godin,s Blogg